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About company


MEDICAL INVENTI Company was established as the initiative of the academic circle of the Medical University in Lublin and a private capital in order to the commercialization of scientific research implemented for the need of the prevention and protection of the human health.

An achievement of the research team, directed by Prof. Ph. D. Grażyna Ginalska was the arrangement of the bone-replacement biomaterial, which is the original solution in the field of modern implant preparations of the III generation with paying special attention to the composition which is bio-compatible with the bone tissue, bioactivity, the influence on the bone tissue regeneration and supporting the bone reconstruction process and the handiness and efficiency of the surgery. Last years performer surgeries with the new material concerned the filling of dental alveoluses, fistulas’ treatment, filling of bone defects which appeared as a result of limbs’ injuries. The implemented biomaterial was revealing as positive effects as: non-toxicity, a gradual biodegradability and a progressing bone reconstruction, what eliminates the necessity of the secondary surgery in order to remove an implant.

From the moment of establishment, the Company’s activity is focused on conducting the commercialization process of the legally protected invention called: “The Bioactive Composite and the process for the production of the bioactive composite” (decision of Polish Patent Office on 5th March 2010, a category and protection number: WYN: (11) 206394). The preparation is also provided with the patent protection on the area of the selected European countries (“Bioactive composite and process for the production of the bioactive composite”; European patent No 2421570 B1).


We are the member of Lublin Medicine Claster.

Medical Inventi - Lubelska Medycyna

We are a member of the Lublin Biotechnology Cluster.

Medical Inventi - Lubelski Klaster Biotechnologiczny
Medical Inventi - Polski Produkt Przyszłości

Our team


Medical Inventi - Maciej Maniecki

Maciej Maniecki

President of the Board
Medical Inventi - Anna Kasprzak-Czelej

Anna Kasprzak-Czelej

Vice President of the Board

Supervisory Board

Medical Inventi - Marcin Gołębicki

Marcin Gołębicki

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Teresa Tyzo

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Magdalena Miler-Wiśniewska

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Anna Belcarz

Member of the Supervisory Board

Grażyna Ginalska

Member of the Supervisory Board

Dawid Sukacz

Member of the Supervisory Board

Grzegorz Turski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Rafał Włach

Member of the Supervisory Board

Scientific Council

Prof. Grażyna Ginalska, PhD

Chairman of the Scientific Council

Professor and Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the Medical University of Lublin.
An expert in the field of manufacture and modification of composite implant materials intended for use in orthopedic, urological and vascular surgery, and evaluation of the biological impact of biomaterials in cell cultures.
Experienced initiator and leader of interdisciplinary research projects. Past research projects covering the bioactive compounds in terms of their antimicrobial activity and inhibition of the colonization of implantable biomaterials.
Winner of many competitions concerning the innovative technologies and science-business interactions.

prof. dr hab. Adam Nogalski

Member of the Scientific Council

prof. dr hab. n. med. Stanisław Pomianowski

Member of the Scientific Council

prof. dr hab. n. med. Cezary Szczylik

Member of the Scientific Council

Dr Anna Belcarz, PhD

Member of the Scientific Council

dr hab. n. med. Krzysztof Gawęda

Member of the Scientific Council

Strategic Board Advisors

Andrzej Klesyk

Strategic Board Advisor

Paweł Szaja

Strategic Board Advisor


Medical Inventi - Aleksandra Gańska

Aleksandra Gańska

Administration, marketing
Medical Inventi - Katarzyna Siwiec

Katarzyna Siwiec

Orders, sales
ul. Nałęczowska 14
20-701 Lublin
Medical Inventi - Łączymy świat medycyny z biznesem

Administration, marketing