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Medical Inventi

Improving Lives

The Medical Inventi company was established as an initiative of the academic community of the Medical University of Lublin and private capital, in order to commercialize scientific research implemented for the purposes of prevention and protection of human health.

Maciej Maniecki

President of Medical Inventi S.A.
Medical Inventi - Polski Produkt Przyszłości
Medical Inventi - Łączymy świat medycyny z biznesem

About us

Our mission is to use solutions developed over the years to improve the quality of life.

Medical Inventi - Łączymy świat medycyny z biznesem


Polish artificial bone is a new generation bone-substituting biomaterial, dedicated to regenerative medicine.

Medical Inventi - Łączymy świat medycyny z biznesem

EU projects

Some of our projects are supported by European funds.


Our board

  • Prezes Medical Inventi - Maciej Maniecki

    Maciej Maniecki

    President of the Board
  • Wiceprezes Medical Inventi - Anna Kasprzak-Czelej

    Anna Kasprzak-Czelej

    Vice President of the Board
  • Przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej Medical Inventi - Marcin Gołębicki

    Marcin Gołębicki

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Medical Inventi - Grażyna Ginalska

    Prof. Grażyna Ginalska, PhD

    Chairman of the Scientific Council

    Professor and Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the Medical University of Lublin.
    An expert in the field of manufacture and modification of composite implant materials intended for use in orthopedic, urological and vascular surgery, and evaluation of the biological impact of biomaterials in cell cultures.
    Experienced initiator and leader of interdisciplinary research projects. Past research projects covering the bioactive compounds in terms of their antimicrobial activity and inhibition of the colonization of implantable biomaterials.
    Winner of many competitions concerning the innovative technologies and science-business interactions.

  • Medical Inventi - Anna Belcarz

    Dr Anna Belcarz, PhD

    Member of the Scientific Council
  • Medical Inventi - Aleksandra Gańska

    Aleksandra Gańska

    Administration, marketing

    Graduate in Management and Marketing. Administrative Specialist with over 10 years’ experience. At Medical Inventi she deals with the organisation of the office work, the implementation of administrative, accounting and personnel matters, and the settlement of EU projects. Works with the Management Board and the Quality Officer on documentation related to informational and marketing materials.

  • Medical Inventi - Katarzyna Siwiec

    Katarzyna Siwiec

    Orders, sales

    Graduate in Management, with a specialisation in law and management, and business management. At Medical Inventi, she is in charge of sales coordination and supervising the production process and order fulfilment. Responsible for order processing, collaborating with the Management Board on the Quality Management System, and liaising with medical representatives on sales.

More about us

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ul. Nałęczowska 14
20-701 Lublin, Poland
Medical Inventi - Łączymy świat medycyny z biznesem

Administration, marketing