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Measure 2.3.4

Medical Inventi S.A. is currently implementing a project entitled:

Participating in medical equipment industry promotion program as a method of increasing brand recognition of FlexiOss bone substitution biomaterial called “artificial bone” under Submeasure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of Polish product brands – Go to Brand under Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

Purpose of the project:

Purpose of the project is promotion of FlexiOss bone substitution biomaterial called “Artificial Bone” in the international market due to participation in medical equipment industry promotion program.

Expected results:

Increasing FlexiOss brand recognition on international markets due to promotion at the most significant fair of medical industry. Getting access to new buyers, developing international distribution network through acquiring foreign contracts. Sales increase for export of a product having high potential of competing in the international market.

The final result of the project will be an increase of the company competitiveness and improvement of financial performance which is supposed to be foundations for further development of the company. The Project will contribute to the promotion of the Brand of Polish Economy due to presenting a Polish innovative and commercially attractive product to a wide group of consumers.

Project value:

622.262,00 PLN


454.750,00 PLN