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Measure 1.2

Medical Inventi S.A. is implementing the project entitled:

Clinical trial of FlexiOss bone substitution biomaterial called “artificial bone”.

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project is to perform the invention clinical trial of international innovation of the bone substitution biomaterial called “artificial bone” and starting research on a new material which is functionally complementary with the biomaterial.

Expected results:

Performance of the clinical trial design of the bone substitution biomaterial called FlexiOss will enable complete implementation of the product in the market which will act in favour of common use of the “artificial bone” in medicine.
The composite good surgical handiness and possibilities of fitting to the dimensions of the filled in bone loss as well as reducing the risk of virus contamination due to application of bacterial polymer which in consequence improves quality of patients’ life.

Project value:

4.893.467,00 PLN


2.635.359,60 PLN