Medical Inventi

About company

MEDICAL INVENTI Company was established as the initiative of the academic circle of the Medical University in Lublin and a private capital in order to the commercialization of scientific research implemented for the need of the prevention and protection of the human health.
An achievement of the research team, directed by Prof. Ph. D. Grażyna Ginalska was the arrangement of the bone-replacement biomaterial, which is the original solution in the field of modern implant preparations of the III generation with paying special attention to the composition which is bio-compatible with the bone tissue, bioactivity, the influence on the bone tissue regeneration and supporting the bone reconstruction process and the handiness and efficiency of the surgery. Last years performer surgeries with the new material concerned the filling of dental alveoluses, fistulas’ treatment, filling of bone defects which appeared as a result of limbs’ injuries. The implemented biomaterial was revealing as positive effects as: non-toxicity, a gradual biodegradability and a progressing bone reconstruction, what eliminates the necessity of the secondary surgery in order to remove an implant.
From the moment of establishment, the Company’s activity is focused on conducting the commercialization process of the legally protected invention called: “The Bioactive Composite and the process for the production of the bioactive composite” (decision of Polish Patent Office on 5th March 2010, a category and protection number: WYN: (11) 206394). The preparation is also provided with the patent protection on the area of the selected European countries (“Bioactive composite and process for the production of the bioactive composite”; European patent No 2421570 B1).


The Company Authorities


Maciej Maniecki – the President of Medical Inventi S.A.

Anna Kasprzak-Czelej  – the Vice-President of Medical Inventi S.A.


Supervisory Board

PhD Renata Wasiewicz – the Chairman

M.A. Ewa Abramek – the Vice-Chairmana

PhD Anna Belcarz – the Member

PhD Małgorzata Dumkiewicz – the Member

M.A. Magdalena Miler-Wiśniewska – the Secretary


Scientific Council

Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska – the Chairman of the Scientific Council

PhD with habilitation Anna Belcarz – the Member of the Scientific Council


Prizes and awards

April 2014, Diploma winner of the "Innovator" competition in the category: „Innovator of Business and Science”, IV Gala of Science and Business, by Pracodawcy Lubelszczyzny „Lewiatan”Lewiatan_Innowator_Ginalska_2014

March 2014, Prestige Award “Reputation of the Year 2013” in the category: Inventor, „Prestige – economic relations”, by Ministry of Economy Prestige Price Reputation of the Year 2013 statuette

February 2014, Prize and Award of Ministry of Science and Higher Education, The Inventions Fair 2014 Prize - the MoSaHE statuette

November 2013, Grand Prix Europe France Inventors 2013, Brussels Innova Brussels prize GrandPrix Brussels 2013

November 2013, The gold medal with mention: The Belgian and international trade fair for technological innovation, Brussels Innova, Brussels The gold medal with a distinction Brussels Innova 2013


Prizes and distinctions won by the Members of the Scientific Council related to the invention of artificial bone


(2016-11) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska - the winner of the Prix Galien Polska in the category “Innovative discovery”

(2016-09) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  nominated to the prize Prix Galien in the category “Innovative discovery” 2016-09-nominations-in-the competition-prix-galien-Poland-2016

(2015-11) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska – Minister of Economy, the Marshall of the Provincial Parliament in Lublin – enlisted in the net of Ambassadors promoting the women’s activity women activity ambassador – 2015 Ginalska

(2015-06) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska - the Medal of the Medical University in Lublin for the remarkable contribution in the scientific development 2015-06-12-the medal of the Medical University Ginalska 2015, the medal of the Medical University 2015, medal_uniwersytetu_medycznego_2015

(2015-02) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  the title of the Member of the Polish Success Academy and Gold Medal of Polish Success Academy for synthesis of bone-substitute biomaterial – “artificial bone” medal-Polish-Success-Academy Ginalska 2015, chapter information about the prize of the Polish Success Academy – medal of the Polish Success Academy certificate 2014-1 medal_akademii_polskiego_sukcesuceryfikat2014-1

(2014-10) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  the Economic Prize of the President of Lublin 2014 in the category: “Innovation” statuette, economic prize 2014, 2014-10-17- economic prize of the President of Lublin – 2014 Ginalska

(2014-10) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska, Prof. PhD Eng. Anna Ślósarczyk, PhD Anna Belcarz, Msc Eng. Zofia Paszkiewicz -  the Scientific Prize of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin for the research in the field of „Hydroxyapatite-polymer implantation material of the new generation developed for regeneration medicine” 2014-10-mcurie prize 2014

(2014-09) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska, PhD Anna Belcarz  - prize winners of the Competition INNOVATION CREATORS 2014 in the category „new technologies” prize winner-innovation creator 2014 ginalska, economic-prize 2014 innovative Ginalska Belcarz

(2014-10) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  the prize winner of the Gazeta Wyborcza poll „The First – Class Job Woman 2014” prize the first – class – job – woman statuette 2014, the first – class – job – woman – Ginalska 2014

(2013-11) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska, Prof. PhD Eng. Anna Ślósarczyk, PhD Anna Belcarz, Msc. Eng. Zofia Paszkiewicz -  Brussels, the prize of the World Intellectual Property Organisation for the best woman-inventor for „Bioactive composite and production method” (WIPO AWARD FOR BEST WOMAN INVENTOR for invention: Bioactive composite and production method”  diploma-wipo Brussels 2013 dyplom-wipo_bruksela_2013, gold-medal-with-a distinction-brussels-innova-2013

(2013-01) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska – the prize winner of the VIII Bene Meritus Terre Lublinensi Competition ni the category “Science” bene-meritus-terrae-lublinensi_2013_ginalska, award-bene-meritus-terrae-lublinersi-2013

(2012-02) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  the Medal of the President of Lublin for the work and involment for the health care 2012-03-medal-prezydenta_ginalska_2012, 2012-03-06-medal-of the president – of Lublin

(2011-02) Prof. PhD Grażyna Ginalska -  the Woman-Inventor of the Year, IV Edition of the Competition of Polish Patent Office 2011-12-16-the woman inventor of the year – ginalska 2011, award-the woman-inventor-of-the-year 2011